Welcome to Dear Luvlies: I'm Lady Luvly

Dear Luvlies,

I’m Lady Luvly, your companion on this enchanting journey towards a more conscious and beautiful world. As we share this path, I want you to know that every word I write is dipped in the same hope and love that I wish to spread through our bamboo makeup brushes.

Dear Luvlies is not just a blog; it's a heartfelt conversation between friends who are united by a dream— a dream of a world where beauty and kindness walk hand in hand. Here, we’ll laugh, learn, and maybe even shed a tear or two as we discover how simple choices, like selecting a sustainable makeup brush, can be profound acts of love.

Each bamboo brush from Luvly One holds a story of resilience and renewal, much like us. As I hold one, I am reminded of the first time I realized the power of choosing wisely—how a simple bamboo brush could be a tool not just for beauty, but for change. This isn't just about makeup; it's about making a mark on the world, one sustainable choice at a time.

I cherish this journey we're on together and every story you share. Tell me about the first time you felt a connection to a cause, or how choosing eco-friendly products changed your view of beauty. Your insights and stories inspire and drive this community, making each of us a brushstroke in the larger picture of change.

Thank you for opening your heart to this journey. Together, we will paint a world of beauty that respects and cherishes our natural environment. Let’s keep the conversation going and the passion burning bright.

With all my warmth and an open heart,

Lady Luvly






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